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Simply Spoken would like to announce we have launched our Bundle Boxes! We have chosen a few themed boxes to start out with they are as followed. Our Breast Cancer Bundle this box was so important to me as I have a lot of friends who are battling or have battled breast cancer. It’s not an easy time for anyone fighting for their life. This bundle I thought would show those survivors and fighters how important they are and how much courage they have. The next bundle box is our Faith this box was difficult for me because I know many people struggle discussing this topic but, I figured I’d add pieces that would inspire and encourage others to know regardless of their religion this box would make them feel good inside. The next two boxes were chosen to represent and show appreciation to our Nurses and our Teachers they often don’t get enough positive exposure and they are a great part of our everyday lives. These two boxes are to show appreciation and also help their day be a bit brighter. I have new bundle box ideas that will release sometime in the Fall. I really hope you all leave your feedback about these bundle boxes and let us know what you would like to see in our next launch!

As always thank you all for making this dream a reality I could not do it without the Simply Fam!


Shop our bundle boxes here https://simplyspoken.net/product-category/simply-bundle-boxes/

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