Awareness Beaded Bracelets

I wanted to design handmade beaded, awareness bracelets because the power of someone’s journey alone has always touched me. Adding powerful words creates such power.

Wearing inspiring words on jewelry has always moved me. I wanted to create a collection that could do just that for others who are not only going through it but for others to wear to raise awareness for their loved ones so they know they will never fight alone.

With so many differences in life, we all still connect with so many similarities. Sometimes our journeys are experiences that can create such beautiful friendships and a closeness that nothing can break.


Jewelry has always spoken to me in a different light. Words such as courage, brave, and warrior mean so much more to me since I am a warrior myself and came a long way from a journey that was not a great one. The people I met along my way are those who are the most precious to me and will always be.

No matter what you are a warrior from Cancer, Domestic Violence always remembers you matter and that you are stronger than you realize. Keep fighting and never give up! was born to give every item created a meaning, not just a trend!

Hi there! I'm Melissa!

Simply Spoken was created by an ambitious mom who was looking to make a difference through her small business. Our mission is to empower, raise awareness, and inspire others with our handmade products.

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